The Movie Table

It’s true. In my short post on the movie table, most of the films mentioned starred Alec Guinness. That just happened to be who they were fixated on that morning. There is usually a theme, an actor, maybe a genre. But you will never hear anything prosaic like “pass the butter,” or “these eggs are terrible today.”

Every single word spoken, and perhaps thought, is about a movie, and usually a classic. And as Nan, who sits across from me at a separate table said this morning: I don’t hear the Movie Table.

I told her that was because only Oscar was there, and the other guy hadn’t shown and how difficult it was to have a dialogue with only one person at the table. But that THE MOVIE TABLE which was her phrase was a good title, at least for a chapter.

Nan can’t stand the movie talk which drifts over to us. I’m not crazy about it but she says I’m actually listening to them, which is true.

The second guy arrived and before he even ordered they were talking about Rita Hayworth and her famous toss of her hair – and Put the Blame on Mame – and neither one could remember the name of the movie tho they knew all the characters and the plot.

I will say, almost nobody looks down at their phones or photographs their meals . Which is a nice change.

When we go down to the pharmacy we are given a number, like the old bakeries or Olinskies, (sp?) and we sit waiting with the numbers in our laps and I’ve taken to saying “Be seeing you,” from The Prisoner when I take my leave.

So really, I’m as steeped in movie lore as the MOVIE TABLE but I have my excuses. Nan turns to her left and explains that she was late for breakfast because she decided to put on a vest and had trouble figuring out which holes to put her arms through.

I said, I woke at 8:15 and was in the dining room by 8:16. More or less.

I had been out for a walk with Mattie and he was determined to get me across Fifth to the Falafel stand. It’s my back that gives me the most trouble these days and after walking a a half a city block, I’m bent over and in pain and sit in the rollator which helps a lot. Then I get up and keep going.

I had something called avocado toast, which was good, but mostly enjoyed the sun beating down on me and watching people. I even had my camera but missed just about every quick moving shot.

I got back just in time for supper. The MOVIE TABLE was still abuzz with Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford and how Ford got into the movies and it was driving Nan nuts.

The heavy weight boxer that sits near me was asleep at the table. He rests his head on his arm and looks angelic. Maybe ten years old. Mumbles, who sits directly across from me was mumbling but he said, Hi Mr. David. And I said, Hi Ray Charles.

I was exhausted from my trip to the park and after dinner lay on my back with my feet on the floor, it stretches my back muscle, and the next thing I knew, it was 8:15 in the morning.

But now I have some crappy, probably pictures to look at and don’t worry, I’ll find one to post here.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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