Ghosts in the House Part II

(Continuation of previous post. I’m going to figure out how to get these things in order at some point. I’m on a cheap version of and am not allowed to mess with the code or load a plug-in).

So I had talked about my first night here, and the weird (at least to me noises) and maybe the place was haunted. Well what started me writing that last post was that weird shit was happening again and I wanted to find out if it was really happening or I was finally having hallucinations.

The it began yesterday morning. Usually in the early morning, I hear the muffled sound of the guy next door yelling at Alexa. Not yelling for Alexa to do anything, just yelling her name. Sometimes for a few hours.

I told this story to the three pill dispensers downstairs, and one of them, Bunny (who is kind of sexy – well anyone is sexy in a place where the average woman is 90) says, offhandedly: Oh, you mean Williams.

And all three nurses laugh and look at me.

Bunny says, he’s in love with Alexa. He’s been after her for the last three months.

A woman with an oxygen breathing apparatus is in the other chair. Turns to me and says in a high voice: You should stand outside his room and say “Yes, master. How may I serve up?”

More giggles.

Me: I wouldn’t screw around with him like that. I’ve already had a guy crawl into my bed thinking it was his room.

But to the point: this morning I heard a more muffled sound while lying in bed saying “Help me.” But I mean continuously.

I had been told t0 ask the night staff about the weird noises. And as it was still 6 a.m. I got dressed and waited for the last check by the night shift.

When I’m up early I hear the apartment door being opened as silently as possible. Dawn has already broken, this time of year, and I can see an eyeball checking to see that I’m still alive.

Sometimes I shut my eyes and pretend to be sleeping. Sometimes I hold up my hand t0wards the door and wiggle, my fingers.

Today. I’m in the kitchenette sitting on the rollator making coffee.

I hear the door opening a crack and before Lannie (that is the blue shirts name) can see into the room, I open the door and say: Mark me present!

She gasps, and lets out a slight fright scream, and says: You almost scared me to death!

Come in, says I. Wanted to ask you something.

Explain that sometimes I hear noises, and can’t always figure out where they’re coming from and to ask the night staff about them.

Oh, she says, leaning against the still open door. Behind her is the long hallway/

Yeah, the place is definitely haunted. Especially the 5th floor. (I’m on the 4th floor).

The “help me” repetition had stopped. So I told her about it and before I finished, she said: “yeah, I know. It’s coming from the apartment right over you.”

I need to skip ahead to lunch. All morning the “help me or hep me” continues. Very muffled. I’m at lunch, and I hear the O What a Beautiful morning woman, turns out to be called Pamala – telling a blue shirt (she refers to them as P.A.s which is show business term) and says that she went into the apartment over mine because someone was calling: help me all morning.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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