Diary Sept 8, 2019

Some things have changed. The guy next door who has been calling ALEXA for the last few months – actually it may have been longer since I arrived on April 25 – without asking ALEXA to do anything, has now changed the name to VANESSA and is calling VANESSA for hours at a time.

The funny thing is that he’s not stupid. He comes down to the lobby everyday and if it’s nice out he rolls out with a NY Times that they let him borrow, and yesterday, it was cold out. So he stayed in the lobby reading someone’s Sunday Times.

A few times I’ve had encounters with him in the elevator which is always a puzzle given that everyone has a rollater of some kind, and one a day I pick a time to get my scooter down to the lobby.

I do understand what he says when he speaks, but VANESSA is just blinking at him now or not turning on. I just heard his door open, and the struggle to get his bent body through the heavy door with the rollater which like everyone else has become filled with any possessions they think they may need during the day.

All rollaters come with either a mesh basket in the back (mine) that slowly fills with used stuff, and bits of clothing you think you’ll use, and your cell etc. and the second type of rollater, usually smaller (lower to the ground) have a seat that can be lifted up and beneath the seat you can stick your stuff.

They each have advantages (that’s right, today is national rollater day). The smaller ones with the flat seat that lifts is better for putting in flat things that might spill.

For example one man, Oscar, has been here many years and comes up for lunch, waits in the hall, and arrives with two containers in his flat small rollater, which he hands off to a server who knows already what he wants, and then he rolls back to his room. In for lunch.

He then has the two containers of whatever it is, for supper in his room.

He never leaves the place because years ago he had three falls in the street right around the corner and nobody came for him tho he was pressing the white pendant. I told him I never rely on that pendant, the battery runs out, tho they change it all the time, and the signal doesn’t travel very far.

I always take my phone.

He told me he doesn’t have a cell phone, and besides he’s terrified of the outside.

These are stories from a long time ago since I haven’t been to the dining room in about a month.

The 2nd type of rollater, which I have is good because the handles can go higher, the ones by DRIVE are all made well, but I wouldn’t but things that can spill in the mesh basket. On the other hand, you don’t have to get up to get something so long as you can reach behind you.

Neighbor in Rollater

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