Diary Sept 10, 2019

Rainbow Fountain, Conservatory Garden

It took me until noon to sit down and write this. I got to fool around with about a million shots I took from my scooter of the fountain, trying to get the best rainbow.

I don’t know why rainbows are usually, perhaps always in an arc, like this one. In fact, I don’t even know what causes a rainbow. All I recognize is that they seem to represent the spectrum, from blue to red.

Maybe the curve is based on the shorter wave lengths of red compared to blue or something like that. I’m sure one of the grade school teachers out there can explain it in a way that even I can understand.

I vaguely remember Miss Schwartz explaining the creation of rainbows in the sixth grade, but that was the grade where I had fallen to the bottom of the intelligence class groupings and was spending most of my time in the back of the class playing a game called: Knucks. (As in knuckles).

As you can see, this will be a rambling post, because I am dead set to explain the game of Knucks to show how idiotic teenage boys are.

Now how did it work? You had a deck of playing cards and you drew a card (was it the next card at the top or bottom, or just any card?) and then your so-called opponent drew a card, and whoever had (was it the higher card or the lower card, or what if it was a tie); listen, I’ve got plenty of good excuses for not remembering.

The point is, that eventually, if you lost the round, you picked a card. This part I remember well. If you picked a black card, you got slapped with the deck by your opponent on the knuckles, but he held the deck parallel to your outstretched hand. In other words, he was usually disappointed because he didn’t get to hurt you which he could do if you drew red!

Then he got to raise the deck, perpendicular to your outstretched knuckles and really slam you. If you flinched, something else bad happened (that I leave to your imagination) but even if you didn’t flinch, that chop was usually enough to draw blood.

And of course, if you cried or even showed any sign of pain, then you got it again. And all that time, the teacher was explaining how rainbows formed and why.

I apologize for that digression. It did take me forever to get it together today. I will have OT at 2pm and I wanted to wear clean clothes and brush my teeth (what I have left) as my OT worker is very pretty.

Yes, even in the midst of the Castle, there are two pretty girls. Both are well under 90 years old. In fact, after seeing so many wrinkles and canes, I admit that they might simply be pretty because they are in their 30’s.

I think. I have lost any critical sense I ever had of beauty, and have arrived at the conclusion that it is simply related to age. Unfortunately, both women are of course a thousand years too young … and just as I was writing this, another OT woman walked in and said, you know I like to come and ask you stuff in person, and I said, come on in, and she asked me if I was going to see the OT woman today, and I quickly scrolled to the top of the page, and found that I was just getting into more of a mess as she asked what I was writing, and I told her about the rainbow, and she asked if it was private, and I said yep and then I asked her who she was texting, was it the other pretty one, and she said no, the other one was on vacation, and I asked if she was on her honeymoon, and she said, very surprised: No. She doesn’t have a ring! You have to give us a ring first.

And there I was, talking about rings, and rainbows, and what makes someone pretty, and she looked at the rainbow and said: That is really pretty. So somehow I have tied up this post and now I will go brush my teeth and put my foot lifter thingy on.

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