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Irina Sztukowski Posted Yesterday at 06:10 PMCongratulations on the successful sale!!! .

Jon Burch PhotographyPosted Today at 09:11 AMCongratulations on your new sale Dave!

Leigh Roberts Posted Today at 11:11 AMCongrats.

This is the sort of response you get on Fine Art America when you sell something. The fact that you made $10 on the sale is not something that comes into it, and the sale may end up on the front page of Fine Art America.

In other words, theoretically you may make thousands of dollars by lowering your profit to ONE DOLLAR.

I usually write something like: Thank you to these well wishers, but frankly, it seems like a boring thing to do, and I don’t really know them or their motivations.

I do try to thank the actual person – I think it was Bill who bought the print, but sometimes forget even that courtesy.

That last guy looks like he has a Dali mustache. Or maybe it is Dali.

So I spend a lot of my time still dealing with money issues. Just got off the phone with Citibank. My card is in collection. I can restore it to normal by paying $459. While the guy is going through all the numbers I’m looking at on the screen, I interrupt him, and tell him, I know all that. Now let me tell you the situation: and I go into the spiel about being in assisted living and having two strokes, and any money that I do make is going through Medicaid to the state and all that so there is just no way I can pay the interest much less the principal.

At the end of which he says what they all say, we have a hardship department and will pass this thru to them. Thank you for calling and opening up about your situation. We at Citibank appreciate it.

Just so you know, I say. The collection agency is now calling five times a day from various numbers. I’m blocking them as quickly as I can. And I’ve been a customer for 30 years. I’m sure you haven’t lost any money on me.

Well thank you for being a loyal customer (abruptly) and you have a nice day. Click.

Last week I put a transfer in for what money I had in Citibank to go to Paypal. It still says pending. I’m sure that Citibank froze my checking account even tho I left $89 in it to keep it active.

But that’s one call. Then there was Amex (same spiel) tho they sent men to four different departments of hardship before closing the Blue Account, but they left the Green Account open, and I just got a notice that they had pulled $29 from my Citi Account, so it can’t be frozen.

Meanwhile, my friend is waiting on the west coast for me to blow up some files for him, 4 feet longhand in the move I lost my favorite interpolation program BenVista ProZoom which is now at version 8, and I had version 4, so it’s gonna cost $169 as it is considered a new program (I think) and that’s why I’m waiting for the transfer to Citibank, and to further complicate things I have money that Medicaid or the Castle put in the Sterling machine but I don’t have a debit card or check book for Sterling Bank.

So that’s about the situation after 4.5 months in this place. A blue shirt came in while I was putting only underwear. I said, I’m dressing. She said, what? I said, I’m dressing! It always takes two times for this blue shirt to understand me.

As you can tell, I generally have no idea what I’m going to write about when I do these entries. In fact, I was thinking about doing a sex farce (that really happened) and has to do with strokes of various types and me on the bathroom floor with my pants at my knees unable to move, but I’ll save that for a sunnier day.

Although finance and sex do seem to go together. Let me get the finance settled first.

Went to the park and found the Secret Garden spot on my scooter. Somebody was making a film there. Small time. One video camera and a girl with hairy arm pits looking longingly at the flowers in the pool.

About five crew members hanging around, for what reason I don’t know but one guy was the director. I know because a park ranger came up to him and started asking questions. I don’t know what she was asking but I could imagine (I had Tom Petty on the headphones, really loud) but she didn’t give them a ticket. She just told them, I guess that they had to move on and couldn’t shoot anything commercial in the park.

I had seen that before with tourists that had cameras on tripods. Or models with guys holding reflectors for fill light.

Anyway, returned home and thought I’d fill in one more call I got from a collection agency. I decided to tell them the whole story one more time, and to be put on the do-not-call list, and all the other usual nonsense, and she asked: So is it your intention not to pay this bill. And I said, correct. You can try and collect it but it will just cost you time and money unless you can figure out a way to throw me out of assisted living.

And her response: Thank you sir. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: No. You’ve been a tremendous help. Click.

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