one week of IV

so here’s the deal: i just finished one five day set of Immunoglobulin infusions at the Castle. Each infusion took about 3.5 hours. the first three were thru left wrist til the tape started to come at night.

Then next two through the right wrist.

No way to type posts while attached to IV pole. Plus I don’t think that the woman giving the IVs is going to want to follow me around with the IV pole. Plus the tape that holds the tube will come off if she doesn’t use enough.

At night she puts a lace elastic sleeve on the IV inpoint but every morning I have managed to mangle it.

anyway, i get a month now without ivig, then they start again.

other news, while i was getting an infusion on weds (dec 18th) wheelchair clinic called and said if i didn’t pick up my electric wheelchair that day, I would have to go through the whole medicaid process again because they only did appointments on Weds., and Christmas was going to zap out the next Weds.

so with an infusion running in my right arm, I somehow enlisted my sister to walk with me to the wheelchair center (I was on the old scooter) and I needed someone to drive the old scooter back to the castle.

It was 18F degrees and the battery barely made it to the center.

they had a super charger at the wheelchair center so my sister (first time on a scooter) and I made it back (me in electric wheelchair for first time).

The kind with a joy stick and a million seat permutations.

Very sensitive joystick, and at one point I end up on Fifth Avenue driving against traffic with a bus coming at me and was able to go up a sloped curb just in time.

My sister was on her scooter filming this would be fiasco and soon we were side by side on the sidewalk, in a scene out of the Ben Hur chariot race.

I yelled at her to put the camera away, she could hardly control her own scooter and I didn’t want us to end up like those couples who step off a cliff to get a perfect selfie.

In other news – I sold two prints (my profit $10 each).

Special thanks to Babs, N, and M, for keeping me fed with sweets and things I never heard of from Trader Joes.

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