Thank You Note

I feel very grateful this morning to the strangers and friends who’ve helped me get through this rough patch of life.

The actual (non-virtual) friends who always arrive with various foods usually from Trader Joe’s on the Upper West Side and the web friends (Bill W. for example) and (Ruth) who’ve dropped $10 in the cup which goes a long way in keeping me in goodies.

The baker on the west coast who sends chocolate chip cookies, the painter who sends hand-made cards, and the friends from a previous life that bring Italian cold cuts and excellent bread.

Yesterday, after all these neurological tests, I used M.’s tape measure to once and all find the height the platform had to be for me to easily stand up.

That has been the biggest hardship through this thing, and not a single doctor nurse or PT person thought to figure that out.

It became simple once I got the electric chair (bzz) because it could be raised straight up or down. They had the same capability in the rehab clinic with the mats that raise up and down, and there were plenty of opportunities to figure this practical thing out.

But nobody seemed interested, because what they know is if you exercise your legs, they’ll get stronger. Maybe. Depends on what’s wrong with you and how the nerves are talking to each other.

The magic number, and I don’t think it has changed since day 1, is 25 inches.

If the platform I’m trying to stand up from is 22 inches, it is hit or miss depending on the day.

25 inches is always good. s

The toilet is the biggest challenge of the day. Yes, there is a gizmo over the original toilet (very low) that is 21 inches. So every time I have to go, I don’t know if I’m going to have to call someone (and that could take a half hour or longer) or will I just be able to lean forward and put “eyes over toes,” as they like to say in PT, and get up.

So I taped two or three books down under the toilet riser, and that was working okay for a while until the cleaning woman moved the books around and I found myself stuck in the bathroom again at 6 in the morning.

So know I’m going back to Amazon looking at toilet risers that go to 25 inches. They even make a toilet James Bond sort of hydraulic lifter, but that is in the $800 range and looks pretty scary.

So thanks again. And let me go now, I need to look for toilet risers.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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