The Meer Project

First of all, my friend came by yesterday (M2) is his secret name, because there is already an M that everyone knows anyway and brought ne eclairs which I’ve been munching on all morning while watching the news.

A few days ago I went back to the Meer Pond (Lake) with the phone set to movie, sitting in the chair coffee cup holder and just flipping it on when I thought I saw something interesting about to happen as we went around the pond, and when I got back to the Castle (no, I didn’t get stuck) but I found I had shot 3 or so GBs.

I enjoyed myself for the first time in months. What I am saying is that writing the blog is fun, and seeing friends is fun, but getting into shooting movies again, is really fun.

Especially from the electric chair (I know, unfortunate term) but it opens up my very earliest feelings that go back to when I was – 14? 15?

Andin the Young Filmmakers group which started in the Bronx and later moved to the Lower East Side.

I need to experiment with it some more (I think its an Galaxy A50). I don’t like shooting vertically which is how it fits in the coffee cup, so I might play with a different rig, and I know, you’d like to see some clips.

I’ve been putting the mp3s up on Dropbox, but next step, just to cut them down to the good stuff.

Yesterday, the nurse administrator came in and questioned me about my ability to walk. I told her that I can only walk a few feet right now, but am getting PT 4 times a week as well as 5 days of IVIG infusion per month.

And it is a question whether all that will help or not. It might take months to tell. I also told her that according to state law, the requirements for Assisted Living have nothing to do with age or walking.

You are eligible for assisted living in NYS so long as you are over 21 years old, and aren’t bed bound and don’t need constant nursing.

I’m probably one of the most independent people here.

The rules she’s quoting are the Castle Rules.

But it is a PITA to constantly have that hanging over your head. I’m planning to use this place as an in-between place – and look around for something else. It’s tough because it took so long just to get setup here.

If they would get off my back.

My meds came in a few days ago, and until I went down to the “Wellness Center” and even after that first visit they said they never got them.

I called the pharmacy and they said they delivered them and to who.

So back I go, and tell the Wellness people what the bag would look like with the scripts, and the nurse takes another look and this time finds them.

O Spring. Come on back. We miss ya.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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