A Bad Morning

The day didn’t begin very well. Well actually it was the day before that things went wrong. The electric chair started throwing error 49’s while I was in my room.

So once again, I was thinking I had bought a lemon. On the phone again with one person after another, until finally I’m told I have an appointment for today – someone will be coming by to take a look at the chair.

In the meantime, I was getting visits from nurses and aides asking how far I could walk. Again going into the explanation that I could only walk a few steps, and that all the PT and OT that I had gone through for a month at Sinai had disappeared due to the underlying causes that were eating the sheathing on my nerves.

And that I would be getting another series of infusions next week, which they believed would eventually at the very least stabilize me.

And there was some evidence of that. My reflexes, which had totally disappeared before the infusions of IG were starting to come back.

But yesterday was a bad morning. I had been up most of the night worrying about getting to the urinal, or the bathroom, since I had become dependent on the chair, and my rollator was on the other side of the room, and my bed is very soft, with a rail that swivels around because it isn’t screwed in tightly –

Oh you can see where this is going. I pressed the pendant when I woke up to call for assistance sitting up so I could at least use the urinal, and it took about 45 minutes for a blue coat to arrive and by then I had managed to turn onto my side and water the rug by the bed, and my jogging shorts.

Then the blue coat arrived and looked at the mess and said, Do you need any help.

So that was the beginning of the day. First time for everything I guess.

Later in the day the assistant nurse came by and asked if I wanted to wear diapers. I explained the circumstances. And said, if it happens again, I’ll wear diapers.

Ah. Going back to toddler.

But it was a series of events and my bladder and the rest of that system has stayed pretty much the same over the years.

Incidentally, I’m re-reading Gullivers Travels, and he talks in one scene about putting out a fire in the tiny castle by “making water,” in the princess’ rooms.

Swift spends an entire chapter talking about the repercussions of that incident. And another chapter on how the giant man mountain as he was known by the tiny people engaged an entire brigade of wheelbarrows to remove his solid waste.

I have to admit, that I am always interested in how people who are trapped together for long periods of time relieve themselves. Lifeboat is one example. And there are tons and tons of cowboy movies where nobody goes to the bathroom for months at a time.

I digress, as usual.

This particular water-making accident, was the one thing the Castle personnel know how to deal with. In ten minutes, a guy arrived in the room with a cleaning machine and detergent and disinfectant (I actually spelt that right without auto-correct?) and the rug was as good as new.

At almost the same time, a special blue-coat, one that I had never seen (actually she had a white coat on) arrived and in five minutes the sheets were new, as was the blanket.

I finally found something they’re good at here.

A bit later I had two family members come by and they figured out how to tighten the railing on the bed. And while they were here, the wheelchair mechanic arrived and asked if he could help.

I told him that would be great. And he ended up working on the wiring of the chair for close to 90 minutes, getting directions from the support tech from the company that made the chair.

I told him I was expecting a tech the next day (today) and he said he was that tech. I knew I recognized him He set the chair up for me when I was at Mt. Sinai wheelchair clinic.

So when the chair was finally fixed, (there was a fried wire that wasn’t needed anyway that he ended up bypassing) and when everyone was gone and I was thinking things over, I realized that I was smart, and lucky to get the chair from the wheelchair clinic that is less than 8 blocks away.

I slept soundly.

Ordered from Fresh Direct. Made breakfast.

The assistant nurse came by and said that according to the records, the water accident was the only one and diapers weren’t needed and she had a better understanding of the situation I was in after talking to the chief nurse, and that if there was anything she could do to help me, just give her a call.

So next week (I know, I know, the PORT – this is for GR) another five days with the nurse from the Sopranos. More about that when I’m not afraid of getting a hit put on me.

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