Infusion Man

Went to the sinai infusion center (102nd street) for the first time in my electric wheelchair. Voila. A coldNew York winter day, and it is about a 7 block trip, and it was the easiest trip so far. The hardest part was getting my winter jacket on.

Arms are weak and arthritic, and I woke two hours before the ten minute trip to give myself enough time to get out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth and whatever.

I did have a lot of pseurus putting on my socks. I chose a new pair and it was really a chore to get them on. Finally I went back to the socks I tooks from the hospital, x-large, and they were easy to get on. Lots of back stretching involved to get to the feet.

Plus yesterday I cut the toe nails and they were still a bit jagged.

The appointment at infusion center was for 8 a.m. and I set alarm to get up at 6. I was up already around 5.

Then when dressed, around 7:00, I got my lightweight winter coat with hood down and there was no way I could get that on by myself. I rang the pendant for help from a bluecoat, but since it was breakfast time in the cafeteria, I stopped waiting around 7:30 a.m and took the coat on my lap downstairs to the lobby figuring I’d ask the guy at the main desk to help me get it on.

Francis, the woman who cleans my room and who gets some chocolate from me once a week, and who is genuinely kind, happened to be in the lobby and offered to help me get my coat on.

And she did.

And then out onto Fifth and up to what they call the Infusion Tower. I signed some forms saying I hadn’t been out of the country and didn’t know anyone who had been out of the country and had no rashes (not true, I have a rash on my hand nut that’s from the blood thinners) and didn’t have a fever and didn’t have a cold – and a few other things they were checking for.

The woman behind the desk gave me all this ona clipboard and she was wearing a blue mask over her mouth and nose.

This infusion went easily because I stayed in the chair. Tilted it back. And it was painless. I knew the woman who was doing the infusion, and her son is a photographer who is having a hard time nowadays.

They had had a party thrown by Entivyo the night before and she had scooped up a bunch of delicious brownies (and gave me one).

Is that a quid pro quo?

And we found a bunch of things to laugh about and the infusion was over before I knew it. I’m used to the 4 hour infusions of IG I get 5 days a week, once a month. This was nothing.

Yesterday I met with the PT woman and explained about the shoes making it more difficult for me to stand. She didn’t see why that should be, because she seems to believe that by making my foot higher, it should be easier to stand.

I tried once again to explain it had to do with the distance from my toes to my thighs and by shortening that distance some bit of wiring got thrown off.

Anyway, got good suggestions from readers of this blog to get slip on dockers. I have to take a look around for that, or even slippers to wear inside since they don’t like seeing me in socks in the lobby.

It is all about appearances for prospective clients.

Fine. Two family members have bought a shower chair that will go to 25″ – the magic number that hasn’t changed much since the strokes and a year and a half of various therapies. Then tomorrow, the plan is for the PT and OT to figure a plan for me to get onto the shower chair.

I’m not looking forward to that “dry” run.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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