Danger World

The thing about Assisted Living (where I am) and Nursing Homes (way worse), is you are asking people that may not even know where they are to wear masks.

A 7th person got it. Still a low number considering the number of demented people that live here (I’d estimate 80%)

Today I was waiting for a few meds to be delivered. I couldn’t get thru to “Wellness” or any nurses who were supposed to deliver it to my room.

I had to leave the room to go down and find someone to annoy.

Directly outside my door, sitting in the hallway my neighbor was reading a paper sitting in a chair, with his mask down around his neck.

He just doesn’t know any better. So I squeezed by in my wheelchair, and went down to the C level.

Nobody answered my feeble knocks on their “Wellness” door.

I went to where the top nurse works.

No luck. I tried a few more phone numbers. All answering machines. (I would ban them)

I found the nurses in the nurses lounge and got one to come out. I operate on the age old squeaky wheel method.

She wasn’t wearing a mask – but that was understandable, she was still chewing her lunch.

No gloves, but she got my package of meds and handed it to me.

When I turned my chair around to get to the lift, my neighbor was there again, mask half-up, asking me “how do you get one of those?”

He means the wheel chair.

He has been asking me the same question since I first got the chair (six months?)

And I’ve been giving him the same summary of the steps involved each time, but today I said: you’re not allowed to have one Mr. Jones. They are not allowed here.

And got into the elevator and onto my floor where a woman was sitting far away without a mask on.

View from my doorway. Neighbor left his door open.

Published by Dave

My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home. https://dave-beckerman.pixels.com

2 thoughts on “Danger World

  1. Its very sad that we don’t have universal medical care to the extent that everyone gets the care needed. Obamacare is a start but not enough. The covid-19 scenario showed how people on the bottom of the economy.
    Stay well and safe.

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  2. Artists are almost always poor, at least while alive. Rembrandt died totally in debt. We guys/gals can at least say we chose this path, maybe? My grandmother scrubbed floors in a NY hospital and her husband blocked hats in a factory. On my mothers side of the family: immigrants from Russia.

    Capitalism without real safety nets has always been a test of survival.

    The poor, the mentally ill, and the addicts are just so-much garbage for the wealthy to let die.


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