What’s That? Stimulus

About once per week I (well every resident) gets a summary on the Covid 19 sy as it affects us in the catsle.

We’re doing well. Seven cases as of 5/5/2020

This last paragraph is word for word:

Lastly, some Residents will receive a stimulus check from the Federal government in the mail. It is not clear who will receive this stimulus check, when it will be received or how much money the check will be worth. (Clear as mud.)

If you do receive a check, please inform Case Management *social workers) and they will assist you with the deposit into your checking account with S—–g Bank.

The thing is, my Social Security check is deposited directly into that bank via SS. Everything I’ve read says that if your SS is directly deposited you should get it quickly.

And I did some research on Medicaid and the gov’t also said that if they have your direct account bank number that’s where it will go.

Anyway, if I get the $1200 I have big plans for it: either some sort os contraption to help me sit upright in bed, have to ask someone for a hand every morning to sit up. After that I can stand and pivot into the wheelchair.

Or, some keyboard – Yamaha synth or Casio – bot 8 octaves but 7 or 6 octaves would be fine.

I really would get a great joy, not to mention good finger strength from the keyboard. I have a classical guitar but it needs to be tuned every day, and one string is busted. With my fingers screwed up it isn’t easy to use or restring.

But I have fun looking at keyboards.

Any keyboard suggestions very welcome. I don’t think I need Midi.

12.17 So Nicole II popped in the room and said she was checking mailboxes for people. I gave her my keys. She is super high-energy.

She did a few boxes and zoom she was back in my room saying, “cha ching.”

Yep. I got a paper check for $1200. Now I have to figure out how to deposit it. It has to go in a S——g bank. I think that may be an outing. Let me look for a bank.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home. https://dave-beckerman.pixels.com

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