You are hereby Notified

on 5/15/2020 that decided to terminate your Admission/Rsidency Agreement signed on 4/25/2019.

Greg had sidled into the room and was leaning against the sink. I was watching A Star is Born (Judy Garland).

He looks at the screen and says, you like the old movies. Huh.

She begins to sing, The Man Who Got Away

That’s, The Wizard of Oz girl.

Yes, that’s Judy Garland singing. It’s a Star is Born.

Don’t know it.

Well, what did you stop by for? Not to talk old movies?

He takes a few pieces of paper from under his arm. I’m afraid we have to let you go, or at least give you notice.

I turned and said, you want to throw me out during a pandemic?

I have plenty of lawyers that would love to take that on.

But we can’t really take care of you. Not unless you can begin to walk. And anyway, this is to protect us from lawsuits. The way things are going with this Corona Virus – could be months or years before there’s someplace to take you.

OK. I knew this was coming. Put me down as signing in protest.

Judy Garland is singing, The Man that got Away. I ask why he didn’t call my sister Nan first. She the legal rep in all this.

I usually do call the family first, but since you haven’t any mental issues, thought I’d try you first…

Published by Dave

My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

5 thoughts on “You are hereby Notified

  1. The agreement you signed probably gives them wide latitude to terminate it. If they have other residents in wheel chairs then termination is discriminatory. Suggest you file a complaint with the NYS Department of Health. Call me if you want to discuss 917 838 5355.
    Take care.



      1. I know (cnn – media etc.) but there are angles (notto be Hamlet) that have to be evaluated. The treatment from the neurologist shows promise. I was able to stand for the first time in months… and get into and out of bed on my own. Actually, first on the todo list is to deal with the neurologist. The Corona Virus adds an extra level of complexity to the situation.

        Don’t worry I never go down without a fight if that’s the best strategy. I appreciate all the advice.


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