To start with? I was going o write about the illusion of free will but I was woken up b the crinkling around of a mouse goimg through stuff in a plastic bag next to me.

The place is jam packed with mice. And I rang the call Bell hoping not to get a woman.

Got a man. Said: are you afraid of mice?

I love them, he said Roasted, with drawn butter.

So I told him about the crinkling sounds in the plastic bag. He opened it and mouse popped its head out. He picked the bag up and the muse scooted.

So I guess mice will be the post for now.

There are mice in every room in the nursing home. And I’VE BEEN in 7 different rooms so far.

Management knows when the state authority is coming because the CNAs are rushing around in the morning getting rid of foodstuffs.

And then there are 20 inspectors outside our room plus a guide from admin.

The person asks, in front of the admin, is it clean here? Any complaints?

Ah, I say. Too many mice.

You have mice he asks?

The admin Blanche and gives me a dirty look. I say, yes. Glaring at the admin who has screwed me over several times. Revenge served cold.

Ou must have heard this from others, I says.

Yes. That’s the most common complaint…

Published by Dave

My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home. https://dave-beckerman.pixels.com

One thought on “What

  1. As with most such institutional situations, someone will be paid off to make the complaints go away — but not the mice. Hope I’m wrong.


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