So, a few points.

The food photos I post are just the most outrageous ones. The worst. And I still haven’t gotten to the king of bad meals: beans and beans. But it will be coming along soon.

I enjoy posting them because most food pics are showing how beautiful and tasty the

Posters food was.

Well at least pre-covid that was the trend.

Best meal of the day is breakfast. Two hard-boiled eggs, if the kitchen counts correctly.  It seems to be beyond their ability because the ticket says 2 eggs but when you lift the cover off it can be from 1 to 3 eggs.  And once, someone must have gone berserk because there were 5 eggs on the plate.

The ticket always says a slice of toast but it is always a slice of untoasted white bread.

White bread is all they serve, and everbody is constipated. Big surprise

With the eggs their is a cup of the strongest tea ever made. Rocket fuel. A sip of that and any tremors ou have turn into handrattling.

And then there’s something else. Maybe a frozen hen baked hash brown patty. maybe white bread French toast. Not  arm enough to melt butter on. if you get butter.

Maybe a package of cream cheese which you struggle to open with the butter knife you stashed somewhere.

The gu who does the laundry had put the   

Or you stab it with your steely ffork  and squeeze it out in white streams with your good hand. If you have a good hand that day. while you are eating, he crazy English woman from next door walks in and yells: fuckin guys stole my clothes.

That  was the guy who empties the hamsters.

Anyway, if the kitchen staff are morons, the dieticians are just plumb crazy.

Just the other day I met the dietician for this floor and she told me that I had lost 40 lbs since arriving.

I had to explain that I was 150 lbs when I arrived here. Now I was 140, more or less.

How did I like he food?

I didn’t. If they were going to serve roast chicken stop drowning it in sauce so we could pick it up with our hands.

It still arrives in goop.

Give us whole wheat bread.

No go there.

They write everything down and nothing changes.

I tell them that chickens also have breasts and wings. Maybe we can see that part of a chicken some day.

Gotta go now. Package from Amazon delivered last night. Still trying to get it.

Published by Dave

My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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