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  1. Hey Dave. Sorry to hear about your health issues of late. I wish you a speedy recovery and that you can get out of the hospital soon.

    I was writing an article about a street photographer and immediately thought of you. After a quick search, I found your new site.

    We crossed paths years ago when I was just starting a site called ILovePhotoBlogs. While I no longer have the site, I’ll never forget reaching out to you. I wrote to you with my hand out looking for a donation as part of a contest giveaway I was running.

    You graciously and without question, donated the Poets Walk – Central Park. I was star-struck that an established NYC street photography legend like yourself actually read my email. I was even more blown away when you offered the print.

    Your kindness will always stick with me, as will the Dogs in Snow photo (just love that one).

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


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