I don’t remember where I left off but the two old cats were shrieking at each other when I said: DING, DING and they stopped and looked at me and I said: end of round 1.

Everyone to their neutral corners.

To my surprise, Marian had backed off. And Annette sat down besides me.

Marian didn’t like that and started to say something.

Keep it zipped, I said, making the zipped gesture on my lips.

She shut up.

Annette took a deep breath and was a different woman.

So, did you really kill two people.?



My husbands.

How’d you do it?

She has tears in her eyes. She’s looking at the print on the wall with kids playing and the Bridge in background.

I didn’t kill anyone. Just sent them packin’.

See them kids I the picture? Those are my babies. All six of them. Or

It aamazed me and some of the aides how quickly her mood changed. As I type now she is cursing out on the sand witheveryone that walks by her room.

Bastards! Retards! Go away! I said good away… At the top of her lungs ’til she’ s gasping for air.

But when she was calm and talking about the kids on the beach by the Brooklyn Bridge, she was a chilled zen master.

To be continued…

Old Lady Hell

A few days ago, my OT and PT get me into the wheelchair, which is part of my therapy and I go into the hallway:

Cast of characters:

Miriam: normally a sweet lady who carries a stuffed bear named Mankie on her walker.

She’s English.

Annette: Another ancient soul who is always enraged about something. A walking frenzy.

I’m seated between their two rooms. There are two leathery chairs as well. And a large print on the opposite wall of kids playing by the Brooklyn Bridge with mossy rocks in the foreground and the water in back.

Miriam sits down near me, with a wicked smile.

It’s a zoo. A zoo. She looks at me coldy.

An aide walks by. Stay away from me, Miriam says.

And then to me: I have a gun and I know how to use it. Nobody has the right to steal m clothes.

Who took your clothes?

The same son of a bitch that always steals them ever week.

Serious look at me. I saw him in your room.

Oh. He picks up the laundry from the hamper.

Those are my clothes… And she goes into a rage curing like a sailor.

he’s a mutherfuckin’ piece of shit asshole and one day I’m going to show him the business end of m pistol.

Marian, where is this pistol.

I have it in my pocketbook.

Can I see it?

Oh. You’ll see it if you don’t shut up.

At that moment Annette comes and stands in her door front.

She immediately goes off on Marian.


Watch out for her Marion says. She’s killed two people.

To be continued…

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