Was productive. Sold about 10 prints. That’s $10 profit on each for me.

My choice. Don’t want to get in trouble with the almighty state.

And about $250 in fb contributions.

Which means I can keep the print store running and eat decent food once in a while.

There’s a cold wind from drafty window blowing on me.

Almost made it through weekend which is worse period in nursing home.

Lots of floaters on the weekend who don’t know you and can’t be bothered to learn since you are never going to see them again.

Ow. Don’t twist my left foot. It is twisted from the disease.

Ow. I said leave it alone! You are stretching the tendons.


It’s called a drop foot.


And leave right side of the diaper open so I can use the urinal.

Just pee in the diaper!

No. It drips down my leg and burns.

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