I got outta bed and stood up last nite. Something was bothering me in the hall that I had to stop.

In the dream I knew I couldn’t stand or walk but I didn’t care.

I was that pissed off.

But the hallway was empty.

I turned to go back to bed. And crawled in.

Somebody turned on the bright lights like usual in the mornings. Yelled BREAKFAST and shoved a tray before me and left before I could say what I need help with.


New roommate

I am out




They put another guy in who also began calling for help.

So now there are two guys with dementia side by side.

The first guy decided to go into the hallway, half naked and continued to call for help.

Eventually he was dragged kicking and screaming back to the room.

Dementia in the hallway.

It does feel like everyday is a struggle for survival.

Not only for me but for all the bent tortured souls that inhabit this space.

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