I wake up

At 4 am to screams for help.

Just like the past five days since demented man arrived.

But today is Monday. Going to work hard to get him onto the dementia floor.

Why they put him in here with me… That’s just more lunanc and bad decision making.

His food from dinner is still here. Untouched. He won’t let the aide take it.

I’ll have three people working to get him moved. Battle plans drawn up…

Believe me. I feel sorry for him.  But I need to survive too.

And it is difficult enough without him screaming for help every five  minutes.

Your $10

What your donations mean.

Hand holdable food. Nuggets, fries, and sweet tea with a long straw.

It was either that or eat stew with my hands.

The insane guy keeps it up all fuckin’ night.

It is an insane asylum these days.

Thank God for this blog and so many of the staff that are kind and caring. Management is another story. They are heartless money freaks, liars, and bloodsuckers.

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